Mission Statement

The mission of Gate to Freedom is to bring wholeness, restoration, and empowerment to individuals and families and to make a long lasting impact on future generations. The goal is to bring every person to a place of restoration and peace with himself, others, the environment, and God in true understanding of their unique creation. Empowerment through the grace of God changes destinies!

Why Christian Clinical Counseling?

Gate to Freedom Christian Clinical Counseling is using the joint method of two main sources: the science of psychology and Biblical truth through revelation from the Spirit of the Lord.

Secular counseling systems assume that God is irrelevant to the human mental, emotional and physical well-being. The problems confronted in psychotherapy or counseling tend to be solved using the resources of human beings themselves. Christian Clinical Counseling brings God’s solution to the problems of all mankind.

One of the main therapy tools used in Christian Clinical Counseling offered through Gate to Freedom is the understanding of the inner man and applying that knowledge to bring balance in all three areas of our Temperament (soul realm-mind, will, emotions): Inclusion, Control, and Affection. By bringing balance into these three areas of the temperament, the foundation is laid to find balance for the body, soul, and spirit.

The treatment plan considers the integration and development of spirit, soul, and body. We can’t focus on just the soul.. or the spirit… or the body. To find true harmony and peace in life, we need to address the whole being–  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical — guided by the Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit to spirit to soul to body. This is how we find peace and harmony in life.

As a result of finding peace and balance with God and ourselves, we come to a place of:

  • Living our true identity as we walk in intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Healing and restoration of relationships. There should not be irreparable relationships in the Kingdom!
  • Living with a new surge of hope and empowerment every day that flows into our inner being as a result of the connection with the God Head-Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Discovering His dreams and visions for us.  ( Jer. 11:29)
  • Walking into our true destiny with confidence in the Lord (if God is for us).
  • Changing atmospheres and lives wherever we go because of beholding God’s presence in our lives.
  • Exploring a new power of creativity streaming from the relationship with the Creator.

We are called to bring transformation wherever we go!