My name is Iva P. , 26y.

My family is all Muslims and three years ago I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. There came a moment in my life where I had to decide whether to marry my fiancée who was also a Muslim, or to leave everything behind and begin a new life in Christ. I chose God because I believe that He is eternal and blesses according His heavenly treasures for the sake of His glory. I left my home, my family, my job, and everything else that tied me back to my old life. Within me, I began to experience turmoil. I felt scared, stressed, and abandoned as my family blamed everything on me. My fears consumed all my peace and I couldn’t eat, sleep, or work. I prayed constantly and searched for an answer. I was so angry with all my close ones, who disagreed with and rejected me for my decision to turn my heart to Jesus. I did not have support from anyone except from God. I cried constantly, feeling weak and powerless.Then I reached out to Petya because I did not have enough understanding of how pull myself out of this inner turmoil. I needed to speak with a person who had a stronger understanding of God, His way, and would help me on His path. I began taking sessions to become free of fear, anger, the feeling of abandonment and rejection, and I began to forgive everyone who had hurt me. Things began to change right away. The feelings, thoughts, dreams and the shaking which had all been blocking the current of life from flowing through me began to leave me. The prayers restored my mind and soul. I stopped feeling alone, and began to feel the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The cleansing that came after each prayer made more and more room for the Holy Spirit to operate in my life. After each session I felt a joy I had never felt before – like a fulfilled long-awaited prize. The pain from my soul was thrown out like a bag full of trash. The one and only thing I felt within me anymore was love, even for those who had hurt me. I was able to see them without even wincing, like nothing had ever happened. In three weeks I had to live in three different places until God blessed me with my very own apartment, favor at my job, and fresh connections with new people who help me through every situation. This all happened within 3-4 weeks – it was a complete transformation! I used to have dreams about the people who hurt me every night. After we prayed about it and I was freed, that same night I slept peacefully embraced in the protection of God’s love. God showed up and continues to show up in every situation, more powerful than any obstacle, or human limitation. He shows his provision for all who love and obey Him. read more»

Restored Relationship in Family May 11, 2017

"I am a single mother who raised two daughters with God’s help. I have been a Christian for 17 years. I have gone to church every week, read the bible, listened to so many teachings, prayed every prayer, but I was missing freedom in my life. My family was so broken; therefore my relationships were suffering as well.
I called Petya when my relationship with my youngest daughter was about to collapse.  I was so desperate and I needed help. I was ready to go before the Lord with her assistance and do anything that would bring healing and freedom in my life. I remember the first session we met and I stepped into her counseling room, I felt such a sweet presence, so much peace that I could barely hold my tears. In that moment I knew I am in the right place. I asked the Lord to prepare my heart and I surrendered to Him to do as He pleases.  By the end of the first session I felt like a heavy burden was lifted and I can finally breathe. It was amazing! I left the meeting, went home, and started a journal. I prayed every week asking the Lord to show me more and give me the grace to change. The Lord started preparing my heart, and the things He would say every week, were the same things Petya would bring up during the session by the spirit. It was an amazing cooperation lead by the Holy Spirit! I have noticed changes within 2 weeks. I felt like I am a new person. I started seeing myself and my family in a new light. My perspective changed! I started communicating and relating to people differently as a result. I used to tell Petya that I see things in color versus black and white. My relationship with my daughter improved tremendously, but more than anything I received tools how to continue this process towards complete freedom in other areas of my life as well. Salvation is the greatest gift of God that will take us to heaven where we can have eternal life, but what about the time here on earth? Jesus died so we can be free indeed. We all need to take steps towards freedom, so we can fulfill our purpose here on earth! Thank you Petya for your faithfulness in leading this amazing ministry! Forever grateful!"
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My healing

“The counseling I have received from Petya was key to my healing process. Before I saw Petya, I had so much going on. Physically, I had started a program with a doctor to heal my immune system. I have Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease. I had reached a point with the doctor where he believed that until I dealt with my emotional issues, physical healing would never manifest. I believe that God arranged for me to meet Petya.
The first meeting we had involved taking a temperament test and learning about my history. It took about two hours. The questions she asked made me realize all the pain I was walking around with that I hadn’t dealt with. I just kept pushing through because “I was strong”. We prayed through the many times that I couldn’t remember things. So much I had forgotten! But, the Holy Spirit met us there every time. Not only were painful parts of my past remembered but we prayed through them and repented of partnering with unholy spirits.
It wasn’t an instant healing, but neither had the damage been instant. After meeting with Petya, each time I would feel lighter and lighter. I began to feel free. I was walking in freedom like never before. Strongholds were broken. I was getting stronger. I would feel my pain, let God do His work and let it lift. It was difficult and painful. But I had repressed so much and my body had begun to attack itself as a result.
Recently, I had some bloodwork done to check my thyroid. It revealed that I no longer needed to be on medication. My numbers were normal except for the antibodies, which shows the immune system’s response to my thyroid. However, that number had decreased by 200 points. This was the lowest recorded immune response I’ve had since I was diagnosed in 2007.
I believe that God really used Petya to minister healing to me. I have brought my children and now my husband is working with Petya. She is so gentle. God speaks through her and directly to the issues.  She operates in her giftings and relies on the Holy Spirit for direction.” A. C
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Marriage restored

“When I started my counseling sessions my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. Both of us were coming from very unhealthy backgrounds and carried the entire luggage into our relationship. After trying for so many years to work these issues on our own, I realized I can’t take it anymore. Although we were spirit filled Christians for many years, our marital relationship was emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically abusive. While sharing the deepest secrets of my life with Petya, she remained loving, passionate, and nonjudgmental. After every session I regained a piece of my self-esteem and identity. After a while, my husband admitted that I am a different person, so he decided to give it a try as well. That increased my hope. After few sessions together, our relationship was reconstructed and a good healthy foundation was established. Petya became my friend. She never ever looked at me with disdain. She respects and loves my family.” D. S read more»

Single mom anger issue

"I am a single mom with two boys. I work full time to support my family while juggling with all the responsibilities of a parent. The issue that brought me to counseling was anger. Although I had been divorced a few years ago, I still could not handle some issues related to my ex with peace. That was affecting my two boys, as well. After a few sessions with Petya, my whole world changed. I had not realized I was carrying the pain of my father’s rejection in my life and that affected the way I perceived myself. The story repeated itself with my ex-husband. The frustration in my life had been raised to a level that I could not handle anymore. Petya walked me through inner healing first. Later, she helped me to learn about my unique temperament, and how to overcome the triggers that lead to outbursts. Most importantly, she helped me to trust God on a new level of faith. She helped me also to rebuild the boundaries in my life. My life and the life of my boys were totally changed. Did I mention that I was promoted in my job as well?" L. D read more»

Mental illness healed

“I worked with Petya Lalane from March 2013 to September 2013 and have had significant progress in mental healing and soul restoration in my life. Petya was able to pinpoint particular issues holding me back. Namely, issues of rejection, codependency, occult, control issue with my father and other mental strongholds were dealt with and brought to a place of restoration and healing. God has brought me to a place of greater mental clarity and focus that had not had before. She gave me tools for attaining and maintaining the soul healing. She is thoughtful and considerate.” R. G read more»

Marriage counseling

"In and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Mrs. Petya Lalane has assisted us in bringing our marriage back into a place of thriving. During our time together with her, we were able to step through a process of healing in which we gained tremendous insight and important tools that have ultimately empowered us to continue moving forward with Christ in life and ministry. Thank you, Petya, for sharing your passion, your gifts and your ministry of healing with us at a critical time in our lives." Prs.T&C D read more»

Abandonment and rejection

"Mrs. Petya Lalane has brought such remarkable counsel and helped to bring tremendous healing into my life in areas of abandonment and rejection during a season I needed it most. Without fail, every session with Petya left me full of hope and feeling the touch of Christ’s love as the Holy Spirit moved powerfully throughout our time together. Thank you, Petya, for reminding me of who I am in Christ and ministering His restoring love to me in so many ways." C. D read more»

Walking in a new level of freedom

"I came to Petya because I felt like I was doing well overall, yet was hindered in some areas of my life.  I was not sure what the blockages in my life were from or why I was not experiencing real freedom in my life.  It was incredible to talk, pray, and journey with Petya towards freedom.  Petya created a safe environment for me to take a look in the mirror and to come to Jesus as I was.  I learned more about who I am, including my strengths and weaknesses.  I grew in freedom from perfectionism.  I walked through forgiveness.  Petya is full of grace, love, acceptance, kindness, wisdom and humor.  She is a gift." B. K read more»

Depression, sadness, anxiety

“I have been a believer for 30 years. I loved God, served Jesus, read my Bible and prayed. But there was always a cloud of sadness, depression, and anxiety that seemed to hover over me. I was introduced to Petya Lalane and began counseling with her.  Through praying and understanding the scriptures, she explained to me how Christ has set me free. Christ didn't just die for my salvation, but also for the healing of my body and the breaking of mental anguish. Also that we live under an open heaven, where God is ever present with us.  Petya equipped me with the truth of God's promises and the power of the Holy Spirit.  She took me on a journey of deliverance that has truly changed my life.” R read more»


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